Our Team

Gideon Stein


Gideon serves as the CEO of Write Label. Previously, he was founder and CEO of LightSail Education, prior to its sale to an international private equity fund. A leader in the national education landscape, Gideon serves on boards of several nonprofit organizations including New Classrooms, Narrative 4 and Chalkbeat. He is also the President of the Moriah Fund. Prior to LightSail, Gideon co-founded and served as President of Future Is Now Schools, and he was Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the enterprise messaging company Omnipod, Inc. (now a division of Symantec).

Jason Albertson

Head of Product & Operations

For over 20 years, Jason has created award-winning experiences for international retailers, life-saving medical facilities, credible sports halls of fame, and tons of internet ephemera. He brings all of that experience and a user-centric design discipline to his work at Write Label.

James Donahue

Chief Strategy Officer

In his role as Chief Strategy Officer, James oversees strategic partnerships focused on sales and business development. An angel investor and environmental activist, James is involved in the cross section of impact, finance and community building.

Vlad Levitsky

Head of Engineering

Vlad is Head of Engineering at Write Label. During the last two decades, he has held various roles in financial technology before diving into eCommerce. Vlad has previously built teams and managed delivery of high availability and performance software products at WorldCo/PTJP, Citco Fund Services, Dexia Financial Product Services and Jet.com.

Nick Pappas

Creative Director

Nick is a comedy writer, stand-up, and public speaker. In a field of 1600 applicants, he was one of eight chosen for the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop. Nick is currently a writer on the UCB Maude team “Presley” and a director for the sketch group “Helvetica.” His writing has been featured on CNN, Time.com, The Washington Post, CBSNews.com, Politico, Buzzfeed, Nerdist, The Huffington Post, Mashable, College Humor, Fusion, Mental Floss, Vulture, Someecards, and Teen Vogue.

Ashley McCarthy

Director of Client Services

Ash has worked predominantly for startups and typically wears three hats (Account Management, Sales, & Marketing). A customer focussed generalist who likes the variety of challenges that come with working for smaller companies. His experience includes Digital Transformation for blue chip clients (Citi, Merck, Diageo), Copy Writing, Ecommerce, TV Production & Digital Marketing. Ash studied Law at the University of London.

Jen Lap

Senior Creative Manager

As the Senior Creative Manager at Write Label Jen writes on a variety of projects including TV and radio commercials, speeches, social media campaigns and more. She’s also responsible for training the writer community and overseeing its work. When she’s not in the office Jen can be found performing at some of the top clubs in NYC. A stand up comedian with a background in Forensic Psychology, Jen is the human embodiment of Netflix.

Maria Wojciechowski

Lead Editor

As the Lead Editor at Write Label, Maria oversees Write Label writers and helps our contributers produce high-quality content for our clients. During her time at Write Label, Maria has written radio ads, video commercials, social media content, speeches, and more. Maria is a stand up comedian and writer. She has performed in SF Sketchfest, the Women in Comedy Festival, NYCF, among other comedy festivals. Her work has been featured in the New Yorker, the Chicago Tribune and Entertainment Weekly.

Brandon Silva

Head Front End Developer

He’s an avid gamer, but when it comes to front end development, Brandon is not playing.

Stuart Klette

Senior Backend Engineer

Stuart is a devops chap with more than a decade experience developing and delivering software systems. He started his commercial career in the oil commodities world doing things like mapping all the ships in the world and trading systems. He’s been through the consulting world and over the last 5/6 years been into starups.

Carlos Roso

Front End Developer

Carlos is a Software Developer based in Colombia with extensive experience on Frontend Development. Prior to ComedyWire he worked for several companies in top talent marketplaces such as TopTal and CrossOver. He loves doing open source (+1200 stars) and writing technical blog posts (+20k monthly reads). He has won awards in international robotics competitions (in NASA) and plays piano at a semi-pro level.

Joe Foti

Front End Developer

Joseph Foti is a Front End Web Developer, but also dabbbles in Graphic Design and Photography. Joe has 5 years of photographic and design experience and 3 years of coding experience including 6 months at the New York Academy of Code and Design where he completed the Javascript Intensive. Joe grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City, but has also lived in Florence Italy and Cleveland Ohio. Joe is a traveler, a half-assed vegetarian, a story junkie, gamer, bassist, and avid binge-watcher.

Jenny Donheiser

Sales Account Manager

Jenny is the Sales Account Manager at Write Label and a writer / actor / producer. She is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch school of the Arts where she studied Drama at the Atlantic Acting School. Combined her video and sketch work has been featured on Vulture, Glamour, Refinery29, Splitsider, Jezebel, Vimeo Staff Picks, BoooooomTV and Film Shortage. She has over 5 years experience in Account Management and at Write Label continues her work supporting clients and aiding sales and business development.

Paul Schissler

Co-founder, Community Manager

As co-founder and Community Manager of Comedywire, Paul makes everyone feel welcome on the site. If you join Comedywire, chances are you’ve received a personal email from Paul. It’s not a robo-email. It’s actually Paul. Along with encouraging writers, writing jokes and shepherding funny writers, Paul does stand-up comedy and writes short stories.

JohnMichael McCann


JohnMichael is an undergraduate student at Colorado College majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and local organizer in Colorado Springs.